New Places to find us!

I am excited to announce that you can now find us on Instagram and Facebook! I love being able to tell everyone I know how much I love this farm and the soap we make! I hope to see you guys there as well as here! Just search for Creamery Creek Soap!


We are still at the Salt Lake Farmers Market every Saturday until October 22nd. Come by and chat with us.  I really enjoy seeing you guys and meeting new people!


Farm update Sept. 2016

Our Farm is totally out of control amazing right now! Everything is in full bloom and our garden is exploding with fresh produce! So different than when we moved out here to the desert.  It is our own little plot of paradise. My mom picked a bushel of pears off our tree and the orchard is thriving! We recently planted new rows of raspberries that our very dear friend Tom gave us!  I can’t wait for them to start producing.

Our Catahoula hound, Tank, spends his days running as fast as he can through the green gardens and the sprinklers.  Our little goats gallop up and down the fields chasing after us for treats and head rubs. The end of summer has been good to us. Things have cooled down just a little bit and all I want to do is hang around outside throwing the ball for Tank and talking with my family.  I love it.


Market Sept. 17th!

We are at the Farmer’s Market again this weekend! I want to see all of your smiling faces this Saturday!

Creme Brulee is still only $5.00!

The market special is 6 bars of soap (your choice!) for just $30!

Our amazingly popular Coffee Bean bar is back at the market!

Mention this post and I will give you 10% off of your purchase at the market!

Come see us and look around the beautiful Downtown Farmer’s Market.  It really is amazing, tons of great farmers, vendors and wonderful food.  I love watching all of the dogs, cats, and even birds parade by all day! We just love it!



Walked outside to do the chores today and my mom found FIVE new baby Kune Kune pigs! SO CUTE! We are super excited. We also have some older ones, they are quite friendly and a few of them are for sale! Send my mom an email or give her a call if you are interested.

Shelley and Kylee


First Saturday Back

We were able to make it back to the farmers market yesterday! I want to thank everyone who made it out to see us!  It was a super busy weekend with a lot of other festivals going on and the market was a little slower than normal, but it was so wonderful to be there and feel back in the swing of things!  We will see you guys again this coming Saturday! I will make sure to post about specials later in the week!



Farmer’s Market 2016

We are back at the Downtown Farmer’s Market on Saturday! I am so excited to announce our return. We don’t know where our booth will be yet, but please come and look for us!

If you mention you saw this blog post we will give you 10% off of your purchase at the market!! 

Our special bar this week is Creme Brulee only $5.00 a bar!

We will also have a ton of seconds bags and a couple new scents! I can’t wait to see everyone.




What a crazy year! It was a rough go.  My Dad was very sick this year and we lost my wonderful Grandfather. Things have not slowed down one bit though! We have been making soap and keeping up with the new farm.

We planted lots and lots of trees this year and two huge gardens. My Mom was able to get some chicks to hatch we have Swedish Flower Hens, Isbar, and Giant Bielefelder chickens. Our Kune Kune pig Luna had a beautiful batch of piglets, we just love them.  It is almost time for us to get ready for our goats to start kidding after the new year.

Just in time for Thanksgiving we were able to remodel the kitchen so we could fit the whole family and make enough dinner for everyone, it was so wonderful to have everyone here and have my dad feeling better to celebrate as a family.

The snow is starting to come down thick as I write this quick update!

I want to thank all of our wonderful customers for supporting us this year!

Kylee Shumway

Downtown Farmer’s Market

We are officially back at the downtown farmer’s market, on Saturdays.  Our booth is located on the east side of the park from 8am to 2pm, stop by and say hello!  We are always so excited to see everyone there!


We have a beautiful new soap up online, Lily of the Valley.  Such a pretty bar and an enchanting scent!

Also some new stamps for our soaps have arrived and they are adorable.

Sheep Stamp!


Getting a garden to survive the harsh winds we can get out here has proved to be something of a challenge.  We finally put up some wind screen and hope that this will help take care of the problem, and keep our tomatoes from being blown over!

Piglets and baby goats are still running around everywhere.  We have a few of both still for sale.  The baby goats we had this year were the cream of the crop, we just had some of the most beautiful babies ever!