Around the Farm

This week we are getting ready for our sweet Lovespell to kid. We are so excited to have babies around the house again! Isn’t she so beautiful covered in her chocolate and silver moon spots?


She is such a doll, what a great personality! She is one of our oldest goats, and she is The Boss! Her bossiness is as big as her moon spots!  This is her third kidding, last year she gave us quadruplets! They were the most beautiful babies and had an amazing range of color! Black, Gold, Cream, all spotted and adorable.  Lovespell gives us tons of sweet creamy milk, her line is from the Rosasharn dairy farm in Massachusetts.  We love Lovespells!

Lovespell gets her treat

Also going on at the farm right now our newest chickens are starting to lay! The eggs are so tiny! Check these out.

New little egg!

Goats and chickens make great friends!

Shelley & Kylee

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