Dog Days of Summer

Summer is slowly winding down here.  Days are getting shorter, schools are starting again, and we are having a giveaway! We really love our goats, but we love our little dogs too! We have two beautiful long haired dachshunds. Cash is black and tan and Chelley is a silver dapple.  They are so happy and cute!  So until the end of August for every order placed we will send you one free shaped soap, just leave us a comment in paypal telling us your favorite dog!  If you don’t like dogs tell us your favorite pet!  We can’t wait to see what peoples favorite dogs are!



P.S. Pictures to follow!

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  1. very sweet blog with the innocent memories and the sugary words selected with the love about the love with the animals which are belonged to our houses!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m making my order today and was wondering do ya’ll send samples of other soaps with every order? You have so many scent i really want to try just can’t at the moment ,i have read all the reviews on your soap and it sounds great out of all the sites i have looked at.I’m so excited to get the soap and try it …I have read the reviews and most mentioned getting samples of other soaps could you please let me know if that is with every order…Thank you for such a great product…

    1. Of course! we always send a couple samples with every order@ if you just let us know in the paypal comments we more than happy to send you any sample you would like!

  3. I keep faltering, but after I’m done with all the other soaps since I am a big saver, I am probaly going to go crazy! Doxies are my favorite breed I also own one and want to get more! So lovable your soaps and your dogs!

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