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Around the farm this weekend we are busy getting ready for winter.  We made plum jam, it is so yummy! We also cleaned up one million leaves, which the goats enjoyed snacking on! We made a new batch of Dragon’s Blood and some wonderful Sandalwood.  A new soap will be added to our website soon, Lemon Drop, this lemony, sweet wonderful smell reminds me of old fashion Lemon Drop Candy.  Kylee and Shawnie (my darling niece) helped me work on a new Christmas soap maybe we will call it Winter Mint or something along that line. We did a double swirl of red and green it was so fun! Michelle made me a darling sunflower out of a old car fan, very clever, it is just as cute as can be out there in the garden.


Lemon Drop


Winter Mint


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  1. I have just started using the goats milk soap after trying all sorts of other things for sensitive skin both medical and non and so far it is the best thing I have ever done. It seems to reduce the need for a lot of moisturizer and that’s an extra saving in money. Your Christmas soap, (Winter Mint if that is what you are going to call it) looks fantastic.

  2. Beautiful!!! I can almost smell it!

  3. I’ve been a fan of goat milk soap (and Nigis) for some time and can honestly say your soap is superior to some of the high end stuff I’ve bought. I would recommend your soap to anyone! Thanks.

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