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This month we will have a brand new soap done and ready to go.  We made Cucumber and it is so yummy!  I love it.  We added a small green swirl to this bar that is really beautiful.  It will be up online in a few days.  We also finally have a new batch of Creme Brulee that is ready to go, so any of you who are fans of that smell watch for it to be back on our website!


Creme Brulee

As some of you may have noticed we got a couple of new soap stamps, we have had lots of fun using our new stamps!


Super Cute!

Last week we picked up 60 baby chicks for the farm! They are so cute and fluffy!  I want to love them all!

They are so soft!



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  1. LOVE! Creme Brulee. My favorite scent. Love the new stamps too. So cute.

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