Soap soap soap!

We were so busy this week  making soap, and we still have so much soap that needs making!  Here are some pictures of this weeks soap, we made Honeysuckle Kiss, Cucumber Melon, Green Irish Tweed, and Honey Almond Oatmeal.  Don’t forget that Citrus Fizz will be online and ready to ship July 1st!  we are so excited, we have already had many request for sample of this soap and everyone just loves it!

Honeysuckle Kiss

Green Irish Tweed

Cucumber Melon

Citrus Fizz


We made a couple reusable shopping bags out of some of the bags that held treats and feed for our animals!  They are super fun and CUTE!

Shopping Bag! So adorable!

Last but not least, this week we donated soap to the Briana Project, One element of the project is to make Clean Birth Kits to give to the local birth attendants. These kits will be sent to women in Senegal, and will include many things that will help with safe, clean births, including bars of our soap.  We are so pleased to be part of this fabulous project. If you would like to read more about The Briana Project you can visit their website at

Just a few of the soaps we are sending

Kylee and Shelley



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  1. “Hi” Shelley!, “Hope” You’re Doing “Great” At This “Time”, Just “Really” Got The “Chance” To Sit At My “Computer” To Let You Know, I “Received” My Order On Monday! Which Was “Shipped” Last Friday!. I Have To Say, I Was “Soo” Amazed! To How Fast My “Package” Arrived!, Now That’s What I Call “Excellent” Service!. The “Scent” Of Your “Soaps” Are Soo “Aluring!, The Fee Samples Alone! Are Very Enticing!, Thanks Soo Much For Including Them!, Gives Me A Chance To “Sample” A Few Of Your Other “Wonderful” & “Amazing” Scents! I Can’t Wait! To Try Them All!, I Came Across Your “Wonderful Site” While “Watching” Another “Favorite Soap” Site On “You” Tube! Boy” Oh Boy”! I’m “Soo Happy” I “Discovered” Your Site! What A Find!! You Can “Look Forward” To “Hearing” From Me “Quite” Often From Now On!…….”Thanks” For Having Such An “Awesome” And “All Natural” Product!!……You’ve “Gained” Yet “Another” Very!! “Satisfied” Customer!!

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