First Day of Autumn

It is the first day of Fall!  we have had so much fun making beautiful round, pumpkin beer soap for the fall market.  Pumpkin is such a popular and beautiful scent! Especially around this time of year!  Our garden is still looking lovely and we have some very cool Cinderella pumpkins with  one growing in the apple tree!

Making the ever popular plumeria soap

Cinderella pumpkins

Tree Pumpkin!

cactus patch zinnas in the garden

beautiful Baracuda standing on logs

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  1. Will you have the pumpkin beer soap for sale online?

    1. Not yet, this was kind of a trial run, it worked out so we are hoping to make it again, so we can put it online. If you are interested please email my mom, at and she would be more than happy let you buy some of the ones we still have. If not, just Keep an eye out for updates!

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