Fall Fun!

We brought an 8N ford tractor home , it runs and will be a fun winter project to restore. We will certainly put it to work here on our little farm!  We have opened the pickles finally after weeks and weeks of having to wait and they are AMAZING! So garlicky and delicious.  I think we could all sit down and eat and entire jar (my favorite part is the whole cloves of pickled garlic, I pick all of them out to eat. – Kylee).  It is that time of the year again! We can dry Honey Crisp apples and make warm apple crisp, both are so delicious! Our garden is still going strong and we have been getting fabulous tomatoes!
Shelley, Kylee and Michelle.


Pickles, jam, and pears.

Honey Crisp

Apple Crisp!

Giant Tomato

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