What a crazy year! It was a rough go.  My Dad was very sick this year and we lost my wonderful Grandfather. Things have not slowed down one bit though! We have been making soap and keeping up with the new farm.

We planted lots and lots of trees this year and two huge gardens. My Mom was able to get some chicks to hatch we have Swedish Flower Hens, Isbar, and Giant Bielefelder chickens. Our Kune Kune pig Luna had a beautiful batch of piglets, we just love them.  It is almost time for us to get ready for our goats to start kidding after the new year.

Just in time for Thanksgiving we were able to remodel the kitchen so we could fit the whole family and make enough dinner for everyone, it was so wonderful to have everyone here and have my dad feeling better to celebrate as a family.

The snow is starting to come down thick as I write this quick update!

I want to thank all of our wonderful customers for supporting us this year!

Kylee Shumway

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  1. I just received my order yesterday. After trying 3 other companies that make goat milk soap I finally found one that does not leave a film on my skin after I shower. My legs always felt dry and itched. My skin felt dry all over. I tried the soap I bought from Creamery Creek and I really am pleased with it. It did not leave a film on my skin. Both of my grand sons have dry skin and I have given my daughters some of the soap i bought to try on their skin. I am looking for a soap that has the most moisturizer in it. If there is one you make please advise. After wasting so much money on those other soaps I tried from other companies I will definitely be a return customer. Thanks for making a great product!!!

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