We have been raising goats for 30 years and making goat milk soap for 20. We love making goat milk soap and are passionate about making the best high quality goat milk soap for our Customers and Family. Our goat milk soap starts with nature, our wonderful goats, fresh green grass, alfalfa, sunshine, fresh air, and water. Our goats are loved and well taken care of, therefore they provide us the main ingredient to our success, sweet creamy goat milk.

We are a small farm located an hour and a half south west of Salt Lake City, Utah.

We pride ourselves in making fantastic goat milk soap!

The Shumway Family

Soaps are $6 to $7. Shipping or pickup available. All the bars are 6oz – 6.5oz




Environmentally friendly

Completely handcrafted

You can find us at www.creamerycreek.com


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  1. Hi there,

    I’m wondering if you sell your milk? If so, what do you charge per gallon? (We’re in search of some edible goat milk.)


    Claudia Orgill

    1. Unfortunately a dairy license is so expensive we have not been able to get one, but we are really looking forward to getting one in the future. So at this time we only sell our milk for non-human consumption.

  2. I just received my second order, and the scents are wonderful! I love them so much I did a blog post on your soaps. I hope that’s ok….I just wanted to share them with everyone! You can find the post here: http://thelipglosser.blogspot.com/

    Thanks again!!

    1. Thank you! We are so happy you love them! We loved your blog, it was really great!
      Shelley and Kylee

  3. Love, love, love all of my soaps–looking forward to trying more. I have a question about storing the soaps. How do I store them (6 months or less) to retain their fragrance, shape, etc. Thanks again. Mary Jane

    1. They need to be kept in a cool dry place in the open air. Do not put them in an airtight container.


  4. I live in Orem, Utah and I was wondering if you still offer the option to buy soap and pick it up?

    1. Of Course! Just call 801-785-5901 and let me know you are coming by!

  5. What other basic ingredients are you in soap?

    1. Fresh Goat Milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Soybean Oil.

  6. Hi I have question on your fragrance oil..
    Could you email me privately.
    Thank You,

    1. Please feel free to email my mom at Shelleyshum@yahoo.com. She can help you with any questions you may have, Thanks!

  7. Hi,
    I bought a few bars of Cleopatra’s Bath for birthday gifts last year. I bought one bar for me and subsequently forgot about it. I was looking for a good soap to use since I just started using a safety razor and I remembered the bar of soap. When I saw that it had kaolin clay which I saw listed as an ingredient in many good shaving soaps I decided to give it a try. It has a really nice slip factor and it lathers nicely. I also like the scent even though I can barely smell it (my nose is dysfunctional).
    Anyways, I just thought I’d let you know that your soap is awesome and if you need a suggestion for a new type of soap look into making a shaving soap with kaolin and French green clay together with your other awesome ingredients. Thanks again for a great soap!

    1. Thank you so much! The Cleopatra’s bath is hands down one of my favorite bars of soap. I also love it for shaving! We have been looking into making shaving bars on and off, it helps to know that people would be interested.


  8. Are your products available at any retailers in GA? I originally purchased soap at Whole Foods and love it, but they are no longer carrying it.

  9. My skin loves your soap! Softest and smoothest my skin has ever been. Received my order promptly, loved the personal touch with the message on the envioce and the samples. This is the only soap I will be using from now on.

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