What a crazy year! It was a rough go.  My Dad was very sick this year and we lost my wonderful Grandfather. Things have not slowed down one bit though! We have been making soap and keeping up with the new farm.

We planted lots and lots of trees this year and two huge gardens. My Mom was able to get some chicks to hatch we have Swedish Flower Hens, Isbar, and Giant Bielefelder chickens. Our Kune Kune pig Luna had a beautiful batch of piglets, we just love them.  It is almost time for us to get ready for our goats to start kidding after the new year.

Just in time for Thanksgiving we were able to remodel the kitchen so we could fit the whole family and make enough dinner for everyone, it was so wonderful to have everyone here and have my dad feeling better to celebrate as a family.

The snow is starting to come down thick as I write this quick update!

I want to thank all of our wonderful customers for supporting us this year!

Kylee Shumway

Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a very special baby born just in time for Valentine’s day, Cupids Bow or maybe we should name her Hearts Desire, what a beauty!  Our other new little darling is Spotted Owl,  both of their mothers are superior milkers.  We are so excited for all the new babies we have had lately.  We are making lots of soap and getting geared up for the summer farmers market in Salt Lake City. We cannot wait to see everyone there!


Shelley and Kylee

New Year!

Happy New Year! Better late then never.  We have a new soap up on our web site, Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is such a beautiful and wonderful smelling soap! Lucienne had four babies today two adorable does, and 2 strapping bucks, all four healthy and happy as can be.  Finally the most exciting news for the new year, (for me), is our new puppy!  My little brother and I decided to name her LeeLoo, she is a Catahoula hound, and she is the happiest and most precious baby.  She loves to play and play, and then just drop wherever she is and fall asleep.  We all love her so much!


First Day of Autumn

It is the first day of Fall!  we have had so much fun making beautiful round, pumpkin beer soap for the fall market.  Pumpkin is such a popular and beautiful scent! Especially around this time of year!  Our garden is still looking lovely and we have some very cool Cinderella pumpkins with  one growing in the apple tree!

Making the ever popular plumeria soap

Cinderella pumpkins

Tree Pumpkin!

cactus patch zinnas in the garden

beautiful Baracuda standing on logs

Around the Farm

This month we will have a brand new soap done and ready to go.  We made Cucumber and it is so yummy!  I love it.  We added a small green swirl to this bar that is really beautiful.  It will be up online in a few days.  We also finally have a new batch of Creme Brulee that is ready to go, so any of you who are fans of that smell watch for it to be back on our website!


Creme Brulee

As some of you may have noticed we got a couple of new soap stamps, we have had lots of fun using our new stamps!


Super Cute!

Last week we picked up 60 baby chicks for the farm! They are so cute and fluffy!  I want to love them all!

They are so soft!



Farmers Market

We are still going strong at the Salt Lake City Farmers Market.  We love it up there, and we love seeing everyone.  We want to thank everyone that has come to buy soap! For those of you who do not know about it, it is located at the Historic Pioneer Park (300 South & 300 West) and is held from 8am to 1pm, it runs until October 22nd. It is so much fun, and there is so much to see and do! Beautiful produce from local growers, farmers, lots of yummy food, live music and almost anything else you could think of!  There is also the Arts and Crafts Market on the south side of the park.  So many great local artists. If you have not been to the Salt Lake City Farmers Market, I highly recommend it!




My Dad goes every week.  I couldn’t do it without him!


Early morning Early  morning before the market officially opens.

My Dad helps the flower man next to us

Our Awesome Soap Display!

A cute baby bunny because I couldn’t resist! My little brother has a couple baby bunnies right now they are sssoooooooo cute!


Wow long time no post! I has been a whirlwind of activity around here! So much to do with the markets going, so much soap to make!  This is going to be a short post, but full of pictures!  I hope you are enjoying your summer!




Media Page

We have a new page on our blog.  It is the media page, it has all sorts of articles and videos people have done about us. Check it out it is very fun!

Shelley and Kylee