Farm update Sept. 2016

Our Farm is totally out of control amazing right now! Everything is in full bloom and our garden is exploding with fresh produce! So different than when we moved out here to the desert.  It is our own little plot of paradise. My mom picked a bushel of pears off our tree and the orchard is thriving! We recently planted new rows of raspberries that our very dear friend Tom gave us!  I can’t wait for them to start producing.

Our Catahoula hound, Tank, spends his days running as fast as he can through the green gardens and the sprinklers.  Our little goats gallop up and down the fields chasing after us for treats and head rubs. The end of summer has been good to us. Things have cooled down just a little bit and all I want to do is hang around outside throwing the ball for Tank and talking with my family.  I love it.



What a crazy year! It was a rough go.  My Dad was very sick this year and we lost my wonderful Grandfather. Things have not slowed down one bit though! We have been making soap and keeping up with the new farm.

We planted lots and lots of trees this year and two huge gardens. My Mom was able to get some chicks to hatch we have Swedish Flower Hens, Isbar, and Giant Bielefelder chickens. Our Kune Kune pig Luna had a beautiful batch of piglets, we just love them.  It is almost time for us to get ready for our goats to start kidding after the new year.

Just in time for Thanksgiving we were able to remodel the kitchen so we could fit the whole family and make enough dinner for everyone, it was so wonderful to have everyone here and have my dad feeling better to celebrate as a family.

The snow is starting to come down thick as I write this quick update!

I want to thank all of our wonderful customers for supporting us this year!

Kylee Shumway

Soap soap soap!

We were so busy this week  making soap, and we still have so much soap that needs making!  Here are some pictures of this weeks soap, we made Honeysuckle Kiss, Cucumber Melon, Green Irish Tweed, and Honey Almond Oatmeal.  Don’t forget that Citrus Fizz will be online and ready to ship July 1st!  we are so excited, we have already had many request for sample of this soap and everyone just loves it!

Honeysuckle Kiss

Green Irish Tweed

Cucumber Melon

Citrus Fizz


We made a couple reusable shopping bags out of some of the bags that held treats and feed for our animals!  They are super fun and CUTE!

Shopping Bag! So adorable!

Last but not least, this week we donated soap to the Briana Project, One element of the project is to make Clean Birth Kits to give to the local birth attendants. These kits will be sent to women in Senegal, and will include many things that will help with safe, clean births, including bars of our soap.  We are so pleased to be part of this fabulous project. If you would like to read more about The Briana Project you can visit their website at

Just a few of the soaps we are sending

Kylee and Shelley



May 2012

Spring is a very busy time around the farm. The chicks we got in January are finally big enough to go in with the adults. We have sold most of the baby goats,  only Birdee is still left to kid. Jobi Red Apple finally had her kids, of course it was in the ten seconds no one was there!  She had two beautiful little bucks, they are darling and she has a lovely big udder, they herd is enjoying the nice green pasture and warm weather. We are getting ready for the Downtown Salt Lake City Market on Saturdays starting mid June. We are also lucky enough to be shipping in a couple of  Promisedland Does from Marie and Keith they will be a great asset to are fantastic herd.

Around the Farm

This month we will have a brand new soap done and ready to go.  We made Cucumber and it is so yummy!  I love it.  We added a small green swirl to this bar that is really beautiful.  It will be up online in a few days.  We also finally have a new batch of Creme Brulee that is ready to go, so any of you who are fans of that smell watch for it to be back on our website!


Creme Brulee

As some of you may have noticed we got a couple of new soap stamps, we have had lots of fun using our new stamps!


Super Cute!

Last week we picked up 60 baby chicks for the farm! They are so cute and fluffy!  I want to love them all!

They are so soft!




Wow long time no post! I has been a whirlwind of activity around here! So much to do with the markets going, so much soap to make!  This is going to be a short post, but full of pictures!  I hope you are enjoying your summer!




Around the Farm

Spring is in full swing, and we wanted to share some of the things going on right now around the farm. We have baby bunnies, puppies, baby turkens and our baby goats are looking wonderful! Our garden is looking good, and our fruit trees look like we will have a great harvest this year. Enjoy the pictures!

Shelley and Kylee

Baby Bunnies

Fat puppies!

Tukens are crazy looking!

Look at that Tiny Tongue Action!


Apricot Tree

Around the Farm

This week we are getting ready for our sweet Lovespell to kid. We are so excited to have babies around the house again! Isn’t she so beautiful covered in her chocolate and silver moon spots?


She is such a doll, what a great personality! She is one of our oldest goats, and she is The Boss! Her bossiness is as big as her moon spots!  This is her third kidding, last year she gave us quadruplets! They were the most beautiful babies and had an amazing range of color! Black, Gold, Cream, all spotted and adorable.  Lovespell gives us tons of sweet creamy milk, her line is from the Rosasharn dairy farm in Massachusetts.  We love Lovespells!

Lovespell gets her treat

Also going on at the farm right now our newest chickens are starting to lay! The eggs are so tiny! Check these out.

New little egg!

Goats and chickens make great friends!

Shelley & Kylee