August 2017

We just got a new dog named blue, and he is amazing.  Blue and Tank play all day and Blue loves to follow Tank around wherever he goes. It is so cute!  The farm is exploding with color right now. Everything in the yard looks amazing.  It gets better and better out here every year. We put a new drip system in to help us conserve water and make sure we can have all of these plants out here in the desert.  It has been a life saver, no more sprinklers or moving hoses around all day.





Farm update Sept. 2016

Our Farm is totally out of control amazing right now! Everything is in full bloom and our garden is exploding with fresh produce! So different than when we moved out here to the desert.  It is our own little plot of paradise. My mom picked a bushel of pears off our tree and the orchard is thriving! We recently planted new rows of raspberries that our very dear friend Tom gave us!  I can’t wait for them to start producing.

Our Catahoula hound, Tank, spends his days running as fast as he can through the green gardens and the sprinklers.  Our little goats gallop up and down the fields chasing after us for treats and head rubs. The end of summer has been good to us. Things have cooled down just a little bit and all I want to do is hang around outside throwing the ball for Tank and talking with my family.  I love it.


New Year!

Happy New Year! Better late then never.  We have a new soap up on our web site, Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is such a beautiful and wonderful smelling soap! Lucienne had four babies today two adorable does, and 2 strapping bucks, all four healthy and happy as can be.  Finally the most exciting news for the new year, (for me), is our new puppy!  My little brother and I decided to name her LeeLoo, she is a Catahoula hound, and she is the happiest and most precious baby.  She loves to play and play, and then just drop wherever she is and fall asleep.  We all love her so much!


Dog Days of Summer

Summer is slowly winding down here.  Days are getting shorter, schools are starting again, and we are having a giveaway! We really love our goats, but we love our little dogs too! We have two beautiful long haired dachshunds. Cash is black and tan and Chelley is a silver dapple.  They are so happy and cute!  So until the end of August for every order placed we will send you one free shaped soap, just leave us a comment in paypal telling us your favorite dog!  If you don’t like dogs tell us your favorite pet!  We can’t wait to see what peoples favorite dogs are!



P.S. Pictures to follow!

Around the Farm

Spring is in full swing, and we wanted to share some of the things going on right now around the farm. We have baby bunnies, puppies, baby turkens and our baby goats are looking wonderful! Our garden is looking good, and our fruit trees look like we will have a great harvest this year. Enjoy the pictures!

Shelley and Kylee

Baby Bunnies

Fat puppies!

Tukens are crazy looking!

Look at that Tiny Tongue Action!


Apricot Tree


We Went camping!  Every year we drive to the Ashley national forest and go up to white river, it is our favorite place to camp there is so much to see and do!  We take a trailer and our four wheelers our dune buggy and any other toys we can think of and head out! Here are a ton of pictures of our adventures.



Giant Mallow of DOOM

Kylee's Mallow of DOOM!


Our Camp!

Another shot of our camp.

Happy Vuyk is happy!

Mim, Cory, Dad, and Kylee