Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a very special baby born just in time for Valentine’s day, Cupids Bow or maybe we should name her Hearts Desire, what a beauty!  Our other new little darling is Spotted Owl,  both of their mothers are superior milkers.  We are so excited for all the new babies we have had lately.  We are making lots of soap and getting geared up for the summer farmers market in Salt Lake City. We cannot wait to see everyone there!


Shelley and Kylee

New Year!

Happy New Year! Better late then never.  We have a new soap up on our web site, Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is such a beautiful and wonderful smelling soap! Lucienne had four babies today two adorable does, and 2 strapping bucks, all four healthy and happy as can be.  Finally the most exciting news for the new year, (for me), is our new puppy!  My little brother and I decided to name her LeeLoo, she is a Catahoula hound, and she is the happiest and most precious baby.  She loves to play and play, and then just drop wherever she is and fall asleep.  We all love her so much!


Baby Piggies!

We recently drove to Wheatland Wyoming and picked up three baby Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.  They will be registered GOSA, they are from the blue family group.  The Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs are known for their docility and intelligence.  We named them; Witch-hazel, Clover and black pearl.  We just love having them around!

Wintermint is back up to purchase, it is that time again to start thinking about the Holidays and Gifts.  Especially international orders which can take up to four weeks.

When placing you order please make sure that your address is correct and current.  We have recently had many people not checking for this and their soap is going to the wrong address.  Thank you so much for trying to help us with this, as we want you to get your soap as quickly as possible!

Kylee and Shelley


Fall Fun!

We brought an 8N ford tractor home , it runs and will be a fun winter project to restore. We will certainly put it to work here on our little farm!  We have opened the pickles finally after weeks and weeks of having to wait and they are AMAZING! So garlicky and delicious.  I think we could all sit down and eat and entire jar (my favorite part is the whole cloves of pickled garlic, I pick all of them out to eat. – Kylee).  It is that time of the year again! We can dry Honey Crisp apples and make warm apple crisp, both are so delicious! Our garden is still going strong and we have been getting fabulous tomatoes!
Shelley, Kylee and Michelle.


Pickles, jam, and pears.

Honey Crisp

Apple Crisp!

Giant Tomato

First Day of Autumn

It is the first day of Fall!  we have had so much fun making beautiful round, pumpkin beer soap for the fall market.  Pumpkin is such a popular and beautiful scent! Especially around this time of year!  Our garden is still looking lovely and we have some very cool Cinderella pumpkins with  one growing in the apple tree!

Making the ever popular plumeria soap

Cinderella pumpkins

Tree Pumpkin!

cactus patch zinnas in the garden

beautiful Baracuda standing on logs

July 2012

It has been a whirl wind of activity around here!  Canning green and yellow beans, peaches, tomatoes, and pickles from the garden.  The garden looks so amazing we have been getting so much beautiful produce! We took a trip to Tooele to pick up wonderful old mountain farm Vinny, he was out on Lease.  The Farmer’s Market has been keeping us very busy every Saturday, it is so much fun!

We also have a NEW Carrot Soap it has Carrot Essential oil,   1/2 farm fresh goat milk, 1/2  organic carrot juice, carrot powder, raw honey, and Redmond clay, all wonderful things for skin! It will be ready to go in a few weeks.  We are super excited for this soap.


Shelley and Kylee

Now for some pictures!




Cactus Zinnias


Carrot Soap

Awesome gift from Jackson! Thank you!

Soap soap soap!

We were so busy this week  making soap, and we still have so much soap that needs making!  Here are some pictures of this weeks soap, we made Honeysuckle Kiss, Cucumber Melon, Green Irish Tweed, and Honey Almond Oatmeal.  Don’t forget that Citrus Fizz will be online and ready to ship July 1st!  we are so excited, we have already had many request for sample of this soap and everyone just loves it!

Honeysuckle Kiss

Green Irish Tweed

Cucumber Melon

Citrus Fizz


We made a couple reusable shopping bags out of some of the bags that held treats and feed for our animals!  They are super fun and CUTE!

Shopping Bag! So adorable!

Last but not least, this week we donated soap to the Briana Project, One element of the project is to make Clean Birth Kits to give to the local birth attendants. These kits will be sent to women in Senegal, and will include many things that will help with safe, clean births, including bars of our soap.  We are so pleased to be part of this fabulous project. If you would like to read more about The Briana Project you can visit their website at thebrianaproject.com

Just a few of the soaps we are sending

Kylee and Shelley



A few more

At the very end of May my youngest child graduated High School!  It has been a crazy year, and I am so proud of him, Congratulations Cory!

Cory (center) and two of his friends

Hahaha so excited... (sarcasm)