Farm update Sept. 2016

Our Farm is totally out of control amazing right now! Everything is in full bloom and our garden is exploding with fresh produce! So different than when we moved out here to the desert.  It is our own little plot of paradise. My mom picked a bushel of pears off our tree and the orchard is thriving! We recently planted new rows of raspberries that our very dear friend Tom gave us!  I can’t wait for them to start producing.

Our Catahoula hound, Tank, spends his days running as fast as he can through the green gardens and the sprinklers.  Our little goats gallop up and down the fields chasing after us for treats and head rubs. The end of summer has been good to us. Things have cooled down just a little bit and all I want to do is hang around outside throwing the ball for Tank and talking with my family.  I love it.


Market Sept. 17th!

We are at the Farmer’s Market again this weekend! I want to see all of your smiling faces this Saturday!

Creme Brulee is still only $5.00!

The market special is 6 bars of soap (your choice!) for just $30!

Our amazingly popular Coffee Bean bar is back at the market!

Mention this post and I will give you 10% off of your purchase at the market!

Come see us and look around the beautiful Downtown Farmer’s Market.  It really is amazing, tons of great farmers, vendors and wonderful food.  I love watching all of the dogs, cats, and even birds parade by all day! We just love it!


Fall Fun!

We brought an 8N ford tractor home , it runs and will be a fun winter project to restore. We will certainly put it to work here on our little farm!  We have opened the pickles finally after weeks and weeks of having to wait and they are AMAZING! So garlicky and delicious.  I think we could all sit down and eat and entire jar (my favorite part is the whole cloves of pickled garlic, I pick all of them out to eat. – Kylee).  It is that time of the year again! We can dry Honey Crisp apples and make warm apple crisp, both are so delicious! Our garden is still going strong and we have been getting fabulous tomatoes!
Shelley, Kylee and Michelle.


Pickles, jam, and pears.

Honey Crisp

Apple Crisp!

Giant Tomato

First Day of Autumn

It is the first day of Fall!  we have had so much fun making beautiful round, pumpkin beer soap for the fall market.  Pumpkin is such a popular and beautiful scent! Especially around this time of year!  Our garden is still looking lovely and we have some very cool Cinderella pumpkins with  one growing in the apple tree!

Making the ever popular plumeria soap

Cinderella pumpkins

Tree Pumpkin!

cactus patch zinnas in the garden

beautiful Baracuda standing on logs

July 2012

It has been a whirl wind of activity around here!  Canning green and yellow beans, peaches, tomatoes, and pickles from the garden.  The garden looks so amazing we have been getting so much beautiful produce! We took a trip to Tooele to pick up wonderful old mountain farm Vinny, he was out on Lease.  The Farmer’s Market has been keeping us very busy every Saturday, it is so much fun!

We also have a NEW Carrot Soap it has Carrot Essential oil,   1/2 farm fresh goat milk, 1/2  organic carrot juice, carrot powder, raw honey, and Redmond clay, all wonderful things for skin! It will be ready to go in a few weeks.  We are super excited for this soap.


Shelley and Kylee

Now for some pictures!




Cactus Zinnias


Carrot Soap

Awesome gift from Jackson! Thank you!

Canning Pears!

We were able to get three beautiful boxes of pears from a local grower for an amazing deal, so we bottled them and they turned out so lovely!  We just had to share, I got to take 14 bottles home! My mother also has a ton!




We planted over two hundred garlic seeds this year. We are a little late getting it in this year, and we barely got it in before all the snow! But we made it just in time. We get our garlic from, The Grey Duck Garlic.  We planted five different heritage types of garlic, German red, Siberian, Thermadome, Georgian Crystal, and Romanian Red. We also saved some of our garlic from last year to plant this year.  All of these types of Garlic are amazing and so yummy!!

~ Shelley

German Red

German Red

Apricots and Peaches

We had a super great crop of Apricots and Peaches this year on our farm.  So we made jams and canned tons of them! We also couldn’t help but make a couple peach pies as well! (Kylee Cory and Michelle’s favorite).  My kids love pie!

Biggest Apricot EVER!

Just enough for our pie!

Almost ready!

The pie then disappeared before we could even take a picture of it done!