Around the Farm

Spring is in full swing, and we wanted to share some of the things going on right now around the farm. We have baby bunnies, puppies, baby turkens and our baby goats are looking wonderful! Our garden is looking good, and our fruit trees look like we will have a great harvest this year. Enjoy the pictures!

Shelley and Kylee

Baby Bunnies

Fat puppies!

Tukens are crazy looking!

Look at that Tiny Tongue Action!


Apricot Tree


We planted over two hundred garlic seeds this year. We are a little late getting it in this year, and we barely got it in before all the snow! But we made it just in time. We get our garlic from, The Grey Duck Garlic.  We planted five different heritage types of garlic, German red, Siberian, Thermadome, Georgian Crystal, and Romanian Red. We also saved some of our garlic from last year to plant this year.  All of these types of Garlic are amazing and so yummy!!

~ Shelley

German Red

German Red

What’s for dinner on the farm?

We just picked a batch of the most beautiful peppers out of our garden! So we made stuffed peppers for dinner. They were so pretty and they tasted amazing!

It's a Purple Pepper

It looks like a little purple pumpkin.

Stuffed and ready to cook!

We love our garden!

We also made a new soap scent! It is called Peach De Vigne.  It smells so good, just like a real peach on the tree.  It is awesome.  We are so excited for it to be ready.  We will post more about it as it gets ready to sell in a few weeks! So here is a picture of it,  We couldn’t wait to share it.

Peach De Vigne

~Kylee and Shelley