Downtown Farmer’s Market

We are officially back at the downtown farmer’s market, on Saturdays.  Our booth is located on the east side of the park from 8am to 2pm, stop by and say hello!  We are always so excited to see everyone there!


We have a beautiful new soap up online, Lily of the Valley.  Such a pretty bar and an enchanting scent!

Also some new stamps for our soaps have arrived and they are adorable.

Sheep Stamp!


Getting a garden to survive the harsh winds we can get out here has proved to be something of a challenge.  We finally put up some wind screen and hope that this will help take care of the problem, and keep our tomatoes from being blown over!

Piglets and baby goats are still running around everywhere.  We have a few of both still for sale.  The baby goats we had this year were the cream of the crop, we just had some of the most beautiful babies ever!

Happy Valentine’s Day

We had a very special baby born just in time for Valentine’s day, Cupids Bow or maybe we should name her Hearts Desire, what a beauty!  Our other new little darling is Spotted Owl,  both of their mothers are superior milkers.  We are so excited for all the new babies we have had lately.  We are making lots of soap and getting geared up for the summer farmers market in Salt Lake City. We cannot wait to see everyone there!


Shelley and Kylee

Fall Farm Updates

Our Old Spot pigs are doing great, we built a small chicken coop and have a few adorable young chickens running around! Recently we made a new batch of winter mint soap and are currently working on making shaped soaps for the Christmas season.  We have been building a new agricultural building, so far we have been lucky in that it hasn’t snowed to much and we were able to get the roof on!  It is coming along great!
Thank you to all my soap customers have a wonderful holiday season.
Shelley,  Kylee, and Family

End of Summer and a New Farm

We sold the farm in the city and moved to the high desert mountain area of Lofgreen Utah, moving the farm has been crazy difficult, the Goats are doing fine, though they do miss there lush green pasture but we plan to start one next spring.  I am still working at the hospital in town, with a long hour drive to and from, here are a few pictures, still making soap,  milking goats, and our Old Spot pigs are getting huge. A big thanks to all of you still  purchasing the soap!  Have a wonderful end of summer.



Baby Piggies!

We recently drove to Wheatland Wyoming and picked up three baby Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.  They will be registered GOSA, they are from the blue family group.  The Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs are known for their docility and intelligence.  We named them; Witch-hazel, Clover and black pearl.  We just love having them around!

Wintermint is back up to purchase, it is that time again to start thinking about the Holidays and Gifts.  Especially international orders which can take up to four weeks.

When placing you order please make sure that your address is correct and current.  We have recently had many people not checking for this and their soap is going to the wrong address.  Thank you so much for trying to help us with this, as we want you to get your soap as quickly as possible!

Kylee and Shelley


Father’s Day

Happy Fathers Day from all of us here at Creamery Creek Farm.  From now until Fathers Day we will be adding one FREE shaped soap to everyone’s order.  Thank you to all our wonderful customers!



Such a good Dad.


June 2012

WE just got a new tri color goat from Deb’s whisperwood, she is a doll, super sweet, so long and dairy looking Bebe Cream is her name.

Birdee had three adorable little babies last week

A doeling, Razberri Riot

A buck, Aztec

New Citrus Fizz!

Summer time is the time to get refreshed with a fun citrus blend!

Not just an ordinary fruity fragrance . This delicious mouth-watering fragrance combines notes of sweet cane sugar infused with bright, juicy lemon and lime notes. Delicate notes of peach, raspberry, green apple, cherry and almost-unnoticed floral nuances tone down the lemon and Aqua Lime Fragrance.   Incredibly yummy fragrance that is neither tart nor overly sugar.  We have colored the soap a light shade of green with a pink clay swirl,  just lovely!


This soap will be ready to ship the first of July!