Creamery Creek Barracuda








Creamery Creek Poshmina









Jobi Red Apple

Lone Peak Indigo









Old Mountain Farm Lucienne

Old Mountain Farm Clove Bud









Promisedland Sudna





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  1. After going through treatment for breast cancer and complaining how dry my skin was, my wonderful daughter discovered your soaps and bought some for me. It has made a huge difference in my skin! I will never use anything else but these soaps again! Thank you for this product that does improve how I feel!

    1. That is so wonderful, we are always so happy to here from people that our soap has been able to help. It makes our day!

      Shelley and Kylee

  2. After trying 3 different places on the web and wasting money, on the 4th try I have finally found a goat milk soap I really like. I have been looking for a soap that would not leave my body itching and dry and a film like feeling all over my body after showering. I like the soaps I purchased, tried one for the 1st time this morning. I am not itching and no film feeling left on my body. I am all about natural and healthy products and I must say I am pleased with the soaps I purchased. I am interested in what ever soap you can suggest that contains the most moisturizer as I definitely will be a returning customer. My 2 grand sons were born with very dry skin and I have offered my daughters the soap I bought to try on their son’s skin to relieve their dryness as well. Thank you for a great product and the samples as well. Look forward to your suggestions for future purchases.

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