All United States orders, We ship flat rate Priority Mail with USPS,  It usually takes 2-3 Days and we try to have the orders shipped out within 24 hours.

1-5 bars is $5.50

6-30 Bars is $11

30+ bars is going to be $20 and up.

International Shipping:

We Ship Everywhere! We ship Flat rate with USPS, so the prices are

1-8 bars is $15

9-30 bars is $42,

This is the cheapest and fastest way for us to ship, so your best bet is to order 8 Bars!  With exception to Canada, we can usually ship a little cheaper if you just order one or two bars.

How Much Goat Milk is in a bar of Soap:

There is about 1/3 of a cup of goat milk in EVERY bar of soap we make.

How to take care of your bar of soap:

Use a soap dish that drains, your soap should be able to dry or air out after use; this will make your soap last a long time!

Which Soap will work best on my Eczema/dry skin/psoriasis?:

We always recommend our unscented soap first for people who suffer from any of these conditions! Though what soap relieves your skin the most will vary from person to person.

Custom Soap Orders:

We do custom soap orders just call or e-mail us and let us know what you would like.  Soap takes about Six weeks to cure so please let us know in advance!

Do you give out Samples?:

We always send free samples with every order!  Since we are a small farm, we cannot afford to ship free samples on there own.

Can I return my product if I don’t like it?

Sorry, we cannot accept returns due to the nature of the product.

Does your soap contain phthalates?

All of our products are phthalate free, SLS free, and Paraben free!

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  1. Hi: I was wondering if you have any of the little bars of “lamb” soaps I have purchased from you at Farmer’s Market in Salt Lake? I am wanting some for baby gifts and also for favors for a baby shower I am hosting. Also, do you sell your bags of 2nds online? I just placed an order tonight for some soaps, but wondered about these other items. I know you do some different shapes, is there a minimum order for those? And, by any chance do you have an owl shaped soap? Thanks for the info…Marianne

  2. Yes! Please, send my mom an email to shelleyshum@yahoo.com. That way she can get all of your information.

  3. Hi, I am interested in your soaps. I have very dry skin and I am looking for a soap that is very moisturizing. However, I’m not much on the unscented….I love good scented soaps.

    Could you suggest one of the more moisturizing scented soaps?

    Thank you Jennifer!

    1. I would probably start with an Essential Oil scent first and if that works for you, You could try a Fragrance Oil, I would not start with something that has mint in it. All of our soaps have the same basic recipe so pick a scent that you know you would like! I would suggest, Oats -N- Marmalade, Lavender, Lemongrass, Honey Almond Oatmeal, or Cleopatra’s Bath.

  4. I want to try the unsented for my daughter who has exzema. She also has a tree nut allergy. Is there any almond oil in this soap or any other soap?

    1. If you check our website, all of our soaps have every oil in them listed. I am not sure which ones would be a problem.

  5. Hi,
    I would love to see some shaped soap for sale on your website. I know you guys can always do customs, but how about some shapes from time to time to buy with you regular soap, that would be great so we can buy a few of them.

    1. If you send my mom an e-mail, shelleyshum@yahoo.com, we have tons of shaped bars made and ready to go! You can order anytime without waiting the 4-6 weeks for a custom order to be done. We have so many different soap shapes in many different scents, just let her know what you would be interested in and she can add it right to your regular order.


  6. Hi! Are these good soaps to use on your face as well? I am looking for a “soap-free” (unnatural/chemicals/bad ingredients) natural cleanser for my sensitive skin. I love natural products and I love supporting family businesses as such. I love adorable goats too!:) Thank you!

    1. Yes! The unscented is so fantastic on my face, and I have super sensitive skin as well.


  7. These soaps are okay to use on the face? I have sensitive skin! Thank you! Lovely soaps ad goats!;)

    1. I have very sensitive skin especially on my face and neck, I have successfully used all of the soaps we sell on my face, but hands down the Unscented Bar has been the most lovely thing I have ever washed my face with. I would start with unscented and if that works and you wanted to, you could try some scented ones!


  8. I was just wondering i have looked at your soaps for sometime now and my friend told me sometimes ya’ll have a sell (like the price isn’t great already because it is) but she sometimes if you order 5,10 or so on that you sometimes have deals like you would get a few free bars is that true ?? I going to go ahead and order but if ya’ll do that i would love to know because ya’ll have so many scents and some i would like to try…Thanks for your time on answering my questions out of your busy day…

    1. We do send a lot of free samples with orders, and sometimes near holidays we give away a bar with every order, and We always post on our blog about the giveaways!


  9. hi, just wondering how many gram is about a bar? Thank you!

    1. they are 6 oz so I think that is 170 – 180 grams a bar. I hope my math doesn’t fail me!

  10. would love to see a Peony scent of some sort! My favorite! Love that you have so many fragrances! Thanks!

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