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Just the other day I received 5 free bars of Goat Milk Soap from Creamery Creek Farm, and I couldn’t wait to lather up.


I’m not sure which appealed to me more — knowing that the cakes were handcrafted using the finest ingredients, or the inviting packaging.  Simply encased in matte, cream colored paper with a charming logo of a sweet goat surrounded by a dragonfly and flowers, the lavender, green and grey color palette evoke a pastoral feel befitting its Utah home.  Once unwrapped, the hefty bars are embossed with Creamery Creek’s sweet logo as well.

I decided to try the Unscented cake first, and was pleasantly surprised by its wonderful scent.  Comprised of fresh goat milk, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, shea butter, soybean oil and without any scents or colors added; you can feel mother nature at work.  I love washing my hands with Unscented at the kitchen sink; it leaves my skin feeling squeaking clean, soft and moisturized.

Of the four remaining bars, Honey Almond Oatmeal, Aloe French Clay, Lemongrass ‘n Herbs and Lime Sugar, figuring out which soap would live in my powder room was a no-brainer.  With Christmas around the corner, Lime Sugar won hands-down.  Rich and creamy, it makes me feel good all over.

acc3.jpgCreamery Creek Farm is home to the Shumway Family, who has been lovingly raising goats for 25 years and passionately making goat milk soap for 12 years.  They have chosen to raise Nigerian Dwarf goats; the doe produces sweet milk with 6-10 percent more butterfat and is higher in protein than milk from most dairy goat breeds.  Using real, fresh milk, not powder, the naturally occurring glycerin helps keep even the most sensitive and dry skin, moisturized.

They offer a selection of 6 essential oil based scents, 24 different fragrance oils soaps, as well as Unscented — all are handcrafted, cruelty free and eco friendly, some sound good enough to eat — Mango Mandarin, Coconut Cream, Raspberry Lemon and Chocolate Mint.  At five dollars a pop, these goat milk soap cakes are a little piece of handmade heaven – find @  In this Tried and True Green Products Review, we definitely give Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soap our green thumbs up.

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