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Creamery Creek is a small farm in Lindon owned by the Shumway family. In addition to the chickens, rabbits and dachshunds, they raise special registered Nigerian dairy goats, aka “The Cream Team.”

“It all began over 24 years ago,” said Shelly Shumway, Creamery Creek owner. “I had a pasture and needed something to eat it down. A neighbor had goats, so I got into goats.”

In the beginning the goats were just pets, but then Shumway began investing in registered Nigerian goats.

“These goats produce very high-quality, creamy milk, with about 4 to 9 percent more butterfat than standard dairy goats,” she said.

In 1997 she found some recipes for goat’s milk soap and started teaching herself how to make it.

“It’s a process,” she said. “Over the years you learn how to do it just right. We are constantly learning and improving.”

Although Shumway has a full-time job, she is very committed to the time-consuming labor of love that is goat farming.

“The goats are milked twice a day,” she said. “They are well-loved goats who in return provide sweet, creamy, high butterfat milk.”

Their goats, affectionately referred to as “The Cream Team,” are hand-picked. The extra creamy, rich milk that they produce makes exceptionally mild and super-fatted soap. There is one-third cup of goat milk in every bar of Creamery Creek soap.

Shumway uses the old-fashioned, cold processing method of soap making.

“Instead of water, I use very cold goats’ milk,” she said. “I slowly add lye to the milk and then when I add the oils there is a chemical reaction. They are hand-cut and hand-molded and then cure on the rack for four to six weeks. This produces mild, hardened and gentle soap that is very good for your skin.”

Goat’s milk is good for a variety of reasons, she said. The pH level in goat’s milk is closest to human skin. It also contains amino acids and Vitamin A, which nourish the skin, and lactic acid, which works as an exfoliant. For centuries, it has been used as a luxurious moisturizer.

Besides making the soap, the Shumways drink the milk and make goat’s milk cheese.

“The milk is delicious,” Shumway said. “It’s just like drinking sweet cream.”

Shumway’s husband, two daughters and son also help. Kylee Shumway-Ball, 25, of Riverton, drives to Lindon at least twice a week to make soap with her mom.

“We’ve had goats for as long as I can remember,” she said. “When I was 10 years old we started making soap. Her soap is so much better than others on the market.”

“Everything we use is natural. We use the highest grade oils available — it is actually food grade. We also don’t use any colorants. We use clay. This makes our soap great for very sensitive skin.”

The soap is produced year round and is a very popular item at local farmers markets. It is also available online and has become popular all over the world.

“I’ve shipped soap everywhere,” said Shumway. “Russia, Poland, Sweden, the U.K., Canada, Portugal, Finland, Ireland. … I ship three to five bags a day. I always write a hand-written note to each customer. I’m not like a big company. I’m just a ‘me’ company.”

During the summer Shumway puts the goats out to pasture to feed. During the winter they are fed grass hay, alfalfa pellets, beet pulp and water. When the goats have babies, she personally bottle-feeds them until she sells them.

“Bottle-feeding makes them much friendlier and easy to manage, she said. “Last year I was feeding nine babies. It was very busy. After three or four days I get them placed in new homes.”

Each hand-crafted bar of soap is 6.5 to 7 ounces and costs $5.

“I work hard to keep the cost down,” Shumway said. “I want everyone to be able to afford a really good bar of soap.”

There are currently 52 scents of soap available.

“There are so many wonderful scents to choose from,” said Kylee Shumway-Ball. “We can never decide, so we just make them all.”

Each bar is hand-pressed with a custom-made stamp. Shumway also loves making shaped soaps, and has many molds to choose from. Custom orders require at least four weeks’ notice, in order for the soap to cure properly.

To place an order or for more information, visit www.creamerycreek.com.

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