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Health & Beauty » Better Than Lush! Creamery Creek Goat Milk Soaps

By Liliana Lopez |  September 7, 2010  | Follow Liliana Lopez

Lush soaps are great but do you know what soaps are even better? Creamery creek soaps of course! I have been using these soaps for quite some time now and I must admit, these are the best soaps I have ever tried. Creamery creek is a small family owned company based on a small farm in Utah. They have been raising goats for many many years and have been making goat milk soap for about 12 years. I first heard about Creamery Creek from ginabinawina on youtube a few months back and before I even finished watching her video on these soaps I was already placing my first order. Only 30 minutes after placing my order I received a very nice email from the owner Shelley indicating that she had received my order and thanking me. Right away I knew that my experience with this company was going to be a pleasant one. Less than a week later I received my order! I ripped open the package and I could already smell the soaps!

My husband and I love these soaps! What makes these soaps so special is the lather. It is the creamiest, most luxurious feeling soap I have ever used. Creamery Creek soaps are natural, cruelty free, vegetarian and enviroment friendly. These will run you about $5 each and you do get a hefty sized soap bar for the price! One of these soap bars will last you quite some time especially if you are into cutting up your soaps into individual pieces.

My favorite scents from creamery creek are:
Red Clover Tea
Blueberry Scrub
Lime Sugar
Rasberry Zinger
Coconut Creme

Do yourself a favor and give these soaps a try. I guarantee you will love them and will not be dissapointed! And at only $5 a piece, you have nothing to lose. I am almost positive you will love these more than lush.

you can purchase these at

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