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It’s no secret that I enjoy natural soaps. My shower gel days are gone, until I come across an organic shower wash that smells divine. Natural soaps usually contain skin nourishing ingredients and are a far cry from out Palmolive days – no more dry skin!

I was sent a few soaps from Shelley at the Creamery Creek Farm in Utah, USA and I thought I would give you a look. All of their soaps are made with goat milk. I took some snaps of the soaps.

Usually when soaps arrive I open the box to a bang of fragrance, this was more of a softer, gentle waft of delicate scents. I’m was suckered in right away. I unwrapped the soaps from their paper and wanted to have five separate showers to try them all out. I resisted since that would be plain ridiculous 🙂

Red Clover Tea –  This is a bright blend of green tea, fruits and delicate flowers. It’s quite contemporary, not a traditional scent,with fresh marine notes and a gentle musk. This smells very delicate to my untrained nose. This smells divine!


Green Tea -This one is quite delicate. The top notes are of green tea but there is a spicier base note and a teeny hint of spearmint (that could just be my nose though). This is very modern and definitely unisex.


Aloe and French Green Clay – This has a clean and elegant  fragrance. It  can detect green notes and a fresh top note. It conjured up an image of delicate clothing drying in the Summer breeze (don’t ask why!). French green clay is known to draw out impurities and toxins from skin. I love the scent of this one.


Black Raspberry Vanilla – This is the punchiest and fruitiest of the lot. It is described as raspberry, Peach, Lemon & Strawberry on a bed of flowers and musks. There is also a beautiful berry scent with darker base. They have added finely ground vanilla bean to the middle layer of this soap, as a gentle exfoliant.


Cleoptra’s Bath – This is a new soap that will be available in the next week or so.  The lead notes are Frankincense and Myrrh, They have also added a huge dollop of organic local raw honey, colloidal oat powder and Kaolin clay.  Shelley’s daughter says that this soap feels like a warm hug, I think that’s an accurate comparison. It’s soft and milky with a few intoxicating notes. This one is just gorgeous.


Besides the gorgeous scents what really appeals to me about these soaps is that they each contain about a third of a cup of goats milk. If you have dry, sensitive skin like mine than goats milk could really help. It can also be used on eczema, psoriasis, sun/wind burn, skin of patients undergoing chemotherapy Goats milk and coconut oil gentle exfoliate pores and has a low ph balance.

I used one in the shower this morning in preparation for this blog post. It lathered up very well, it’s hard to find a moisturising soap that also lathers well. They are quite a big size for a soap 6oz – 6.5oz. Soaps made with goat milk also last much longer than others as they’re harder.

When I get through my five I will definitely order some more. The Bulgarian White Rose, Moroccan Nights and Bonsai are next on my list.

The soaps are available from Each soap costs $5, they also ship internationally. All of the information is on the FAQ section of their website.

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